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Black River’s Paige Kelley gives it her all in retiring a Green Mountain hitter with a nifty catch in a recent game versus Green Mountain at Greven Field in Cavendish. Photo by Doug MacPhee.

Cavendish’s Greven Field has been the site of a number of Green Mountain versus Black River softball games in recent years. Fans love to watch games there, especially with the replica Fenway wall in the backdrop of the leftfielder. The two area rivals recently played their annual get together there with the Lady Chieftains prevailing 11-4. This time around it was the Black River home game.

Black River’s Emily Perham is alert and ready to do her defensive part for the Black River Lady Presidents. Long time area umpire Dick Long has his sights on making the call. Photo by Doug MacPhee.

I ask, what is the future of Greven Field? A few years ago, the two area rivals decided they would play at least one of their annual contests there. Then eventually, both Greven and the Green Mountain Softball Field in Chester would receive severe storm damage.

Greven was more suitable to play on after cleanup, and for a while Green Mountain moved all their home softball games to the complex. However, the powers that be at Green Mountain have decided to go back to a location nearer the school this season.


The art of laying down a bunt has been lost in the game of baseball in most places, including the major leagues. They all should take notice of Green Mountain’s Lexi White, who lays one day here in a softball game versus Black River. Photo by Doug MacPhee.

I don’t know what others feel, but Greven had this special quality. I think it gave legitimacy to Green Mountain softball that could have kept growing over the years. I was hoping some group with money to spend, possibly the Red Sox Foundation for a second time, would recognize the facility’s potential and make it way beyond what the complex was in recent Green Mountain seasons. The rebuild was nice but so much more was needed to make the field be what it could be.


Green Mountain’s Alex Hutchins is on the offensive in an 11-4 victory over Black River. Photo by Doug MacPhee.

There is expected to be one more Green Mountain versus Black River softball game played there in 2018 and then what. Youth programs use the field, but my biggest fear is that in a few years from a drive along Route 103, which passes the field, will see only high grass and weeds dominating where potentially there could have been a classic field. That would be a terrible waste of what could have been.

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