There is always excitement with the commencement of a new sports season. Regardless of which of the fall sports strike your fancy, the start is upon us. Over the next few days, your sons, daughters, relatives or neighbors or possibly acquaintances, will begin a road of a regular season for about the next two months and hopefully one or more of those area teams will capture a championship. Ready, set, go.

Hopefully, each one of you will find the time to make your way to a field or venue to catch some action. To me, this part is especially important. Showing today’s youth we care is a step, for many youngsters, to a growing confidence that can help their development in so many ways.

Heading out to a game on many fall days does not prove to be valuable to just the participants. In many instances, it cheers the spectators as well in a possible variety of ways, from enjoying the weather at the venue, to meeting new friends, or connecting with a old friend or two.

Some of you who will not attend a contest in the area are still excited athletically for the weeks ahead. NFL and college football fans may not leave the house but still enjoy a season of thrills by sitting on the couch or in an easy chair. We suggest you at least learn to fidget, watching part of the game while moving somehow, as to not watch your body move further from your own playing days.

Certainly some of you have no interest in fall sports and can’t wait for the start of the baseball play-offs. From here, it looks like the October games should possess plenty of excitement for local fans. Rarely over the years have the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees been good in the same season. In fact, they have only met twice in post-season history (2003 + 2004) and for anyone who is 21 or older, you must remember those exciting match-ups.

A potential Sox-Yankee get together is not the only intriguing match, come October. Of course last year, the Cubs ended their long championship drought, but few longtime fans may realize that the Dodgers have not won since 1988. Los Angeles may lead both Arizona and Colorado by over 20 games in their divisional race, but both those teams could reach the National League Wild Card game, unless other rare play-off spots are earned by Milwaukee or Miami. There is plenty of exciting action remaining in MLB.

By the way, don’t forget to thank the weatherman for what they have sent us for the past 10 days. I don’t think it ever gets any better than that. In my long lifetime, I know there have been very few times we have been blessed with the consecutive number of beautiful near perfect weather days in a row that have been just sent our way. I know it is asking too much to inquire if this trend can continue for most of the fall season, but we will ask anyways.

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