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Michael LaBeau
Michael LaBeau

The Swampbats drew their largest crowd of the season Sunday night (4,654) for their annual Fourth of July Fireworks show following the game. LaBeau was called on to perform his usual closers job with a 4-3 lead in the ninth inning, BUT things did not emerge as the script was written. LaBeau gave up five runs to the Valley Blue Sox, who walked away with a win, which tied up the race for the top spot in the standings in the Northern Division of the New England Collegiate Baseball League. We spoke to more than one person in attendance and all of the runs were unearned, which in many ways lets LaBeau off the hook for the failure He did not let himself off that hook however.

“I know IF there wasn’t errors, we would have won the game, BUT, it was kind of my fault because you have to find a way to get the job done no matter what the reason is,” the BF resident said Sunday when he also remarked in bona fide closers fashion, “that was yesterday. I have to move on to the next game.

LaBeau retired two batters and gave up a single before an error prolonged the inning. In the what could have should have department, LaBeau had, in some peoples minds, twice struck out the batter who reached to keep the inning going,first on a called check swing, then on what different people said was a middle of the plate strike or a sure strike. Unfortunately on this evening, the only celebration would be the fireworks because LaBeau and the Swampbats provided no fireworks for this occasion.

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