Springfield Cosmos advance to next round in playoffs

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – One more playoff game down as the Springfield Cosmos advance to the next round after their victory May 3 over Brattleboro ending with the 46-45 win. The Cosmos and Colonels had the coaches and fans on the on the edge of their seats and biting their nails during the battle. Cosmos came out strong to lead the first quarter 18 -10 with buckets from Jayden Thurber, Lance Robinson, Cameron Colon, Evan Hall, and Falisha Maly.

Springfield Cosmos have advanced to another round in the playoffs, but their real victory is how close they’ve become as a team. Photo provided.

Springfield continued the lead for the half with three hoops from Colon and two from Hall. Brattleboro came back with points from Zach Smith, Jacob Williams, and Joy. At this point, the highlight of the game was Smith’s three-point shot flying through the rafters at the buzzer to bring the score to 28-26 in favor of the Cosmos.

With both teams keeping the score low, Springfield scored six points and Brattleboro eight points to bring the score to 34-34.

The fourth quarter would break the tie with much action and suspense. With 3 minutes and 6 seconds left in regular play, Brattleboro was in the lead by 40-38. A three-pointer from Evan Hall brought back the Cosmos to a 41-40 lead. The Colonels jumped to a 43-41 lead, but that did not stop the Cosmos’s Evan Hall with his shooting streak to bring his team in the lead with another three-pointer with 21.7 second remaining to bring the Cosmos back on top with a 44-43 lead. Again, Brattleboro came back with another shot to bring them in the lead with 15 seconds left in the game. It looked like the Cosmos would fall to 45-44. With Springfield’s possession and 6.4 seconds left in the game, Colon scored 2 more points, which brings the Cosmos back to a 46-44 lead. Springfield’s hard zone defense kept Brattleboro out of the paint for their victory.

The Cosmos played hard throughout the game with amazing highlights from Paul Dana’s nine assists to Gavin Glidden landing seven rebounds for the night. Jaydon Thurber left the game with two points, Lance Robinson four points and three rebounds, Falisha Maly with 4 points and two rebounds, Evan Hall with 18 points and six rebounds, and Cameron Colon with 18 points and three rebounds. The Cosmos were determined to get the ball with steals coming from Hall, Supry, Thurber, and Colon in the last stretch.

Our traveling fans bring support and motivation to our team. Natalie Corliss says, “It’s my last year, and I get to see the team grow. We have all have come so far as people and a team.”

Jason Supry included, “Everyone worked together. Our team is the best.”

To which Gavin Glidden added that they are “good playing as a team.”

The next round of the playoffs is to be determined. Good luck, Cosmos.

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