Some soccer statistics

REGION – Soccer season has ended for Vermont high schools and here’s a few statistics. All four girls divisions were repeat winners from a year ago: CVU in D1, Milton, Thetford in D3, and Arlington in D4.

Division 1 CVU were undefeated their past two seasons. They also have won the last seven out of eight years. They won their 18th state championship. Division 1 girls soccer didn’t start until 1981. CVU girls have won almost 50 percent of the D1 championships.

Compare this to the boys start-ups: D1 in 1957; D2 in 1974; D3 in 1965; D4 in 1981. Girls start-ups: D1 in 1981; D2 in 1981; D3 in 1984; D4 in 1989.

Division 2 Milton girls won their 16th state championship; Division 3 Thetford won their third championship; and Division 4 Arlington won their sixth Division 4 championship to go along with two in Division 3.

D1 CVU boys won their 18th state championship; D2 Harwood won their sixth championship; D3 Stowe boys won their 11th championship and their last seven in a row; D4 Arlington won their first D4 championship to go along with seven in D3.

CVU high school has won 36 soccer state championships playing the toughest schedule in the state. That to me is very impressive and that’s why they refer to them as “soccer central.”

The Rutland Herald in the past couple years has been running power rankings in various sports similar to the Burlington Free Press, who have been doing it longer. Even the Herald’s sports writers understand rankings are by strength of schedule and the caliber of teams you play.

Written by Don Lloyd of Springfield, Vt.

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