Okemo debuts Jackson Gore Snowground winter playground

LUDLOW, Vt. – Families visiting Okemo’s Jackson Gore base area through the winter will get to experience a newly constructed play area made of snow called the Gore Snowground. The sculpted pile of snow adds an element of fun for children to enjoy when they’re not skiing or snowboarding. There are slides made of snow, construction tubes to crawl through, snow platforms to ascend, flag poles with climbing ropes attached, and a giant tractor tire to play on.

The OkemoParks team created Gore Snowground with assistance from Effective Edge, an industry leader in terrain park strategy, signature product development, and operations planning. The project was completed over the course of several days. It required 24 hours of snowmaking, use of an excavator, a Prinoth Bison X snow cat, and hand detailing.

“This is a welcome addition to the fun, family atmosphere at Okemo’s Jackson Gore Inn and base area,” said Okemo Vice President and General Manager Bruce Schmidt. “The terrain park team, as well as grooming and snowmaking, did a great job bringing this idea to life.”

Okemo approached the holiday period with 77 of its 121 trails open and 15 of its 20 lifts running. Snowmaking is expected to resume as temperatures permit.

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