Invitation to play bocce at Ludlow’s Veterans Park

Come play bocce at Veterans Park in Ludlow. Stock photo

LUDLOW, Vt. – Old people, young people, and middle-aged people are all invited to play free bocce on the grass of Ludlow’s Veteran’s Park. The games will start Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019 at 6 p.m. and on each Tuesday thereafter as long as daylight is sufficient. Free refreshments will be served and are being provided by the United Church of Ludlow. Veterans Park is just across the street from the Fletcher Memorial Library.

About 15 years ago, similar bocce games were played at Veterans Park and were well attended. In those games, the best player was a woman in her late 70s. It is all just good clean fun.

Bocce is one of the earliest known games, dated by historians back to 5000 B.C. in Egypt. The game spread to Greece in 300 B.C. and to the Roman Empire shortly thereafter. The Romans spread bocce throughout their vast empire. Second only to soccer, today bocce is the most played sport in the world. The form of bocce that will be played in Veterans Park is called “Backyard Bocce,” easy to play because of its simple rules.

The British call bocce “Lawn Bowling,” which is easy to envision. Each bocce grass court is similar to a bowling lane. Each of the two teams in a bocce game has four large balls. There also is a smaller ball, the “pallina.” The object of the game is to have your team’s balls end up closest to the pallina – much like the stake in horseshoes.

In each frame only one team is awarded points – one point for each ball that is closer to the pallina than the closest ball of the opposing team. The first team reaching 16 points is the winner of the game. Each team can have one, two, or four players. More than one bocce game can be played simultaneously.

Please contact David Almond at for more information.

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