Sugarbush Clubhouse Ryder Cup tournament

Ryder Cup
Ryder Cup tournament at Sugarbush Resort. Photo provided

WARREN, Vt. – August is an outstanding month for golf in the Mad River Valley. The July heat wave has passed and cool mornings and warm days have returned. This makes any time of day the perfect time to enjoy a round of golf, bucket of balls on the driving range, golf lesson with PGA Pro Roger King, or a meal at Hogan’s Pub.

The Valley League is off and running. Go to for results and updates from this week’s Valley League Night.

Sign up now for the Sugarbush Resort Golf Club Ryder Cup that takes place Saturday, Sept. 7. The Ryder Cup is open to all members, passholders, and employees with a USGA handicap.

Each entry to the tournament will be assigned to Team USA or Team Europe based on handicap such that each team will consist of roughly the same level of players. Saturday’s round will consist of two person teams with nine holes played as a better ball competition and nine holes played using alternating shots. Points will be awarded for each nine-hole segment with the winning team earning one point on each nine-hole segment. Ties will earn a half point for each team. Saturday tee time is tentatively set from 10 a.m.

Sunday’s round will be singles matches. Each winner will earn one point for his or her team. Tee time is 9 a.m.

Players for both the double and singles matches will be matched according to their handicaps so that players will be matched against opponents who have the closest possible handicap. Adjustments will be made in the singles matches for any large difference between the players’ handicaps, using USGA recommendations

Registration is due Thursday, Sept. 5 by 3 p.m. Sign-up sheets have been posted at the clubhouse, or call Sugarbush Golf Club Pro Shop at 802-583-6725.

Sugarbush Resort is located at 102 Forest Dr., Warren, Vt.

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