Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League results, June 25

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League rolled into week five on June 25 with an individual-match-play format. Climbing up the leaderboard five spots, and winning the week, was Huntley’s Wealth Management. Eric Stocker, Derek Karner, Jim Poissant, and Jim Heald combined to win 21.5 holes. Second place went to Diamond Realty. Rick Doyle, Scott Howard, Bruce Zanca, and Bob Ahlers combined to win 20.5 holes. Rounding out the top three, and inching closer to the overall top spot, was Stryhas Builders. Ted Stryhas, Paul Laporte, John Pick Chuck Sweetman combined to win 18.5 holes. Closest to the pin winners were Bruce Zanca and Lou Falango.

  Weekly results:

1st Huntley’s Wealth Management 21.5 holes won/15 points

2nd Diamond Realty 20.5 holes won/13 points

3rd Stryhas Builders 18.5 holes won/11 points

4th Knight Tubs 18.5 holes won/10 points

5th Built rite MFG. 17.5 holes won/9 points

6th Sotheby’s Realty 17.5 holes won/8 points

7th HWC Financial 15.5 holes won/7 points

8th Green Mountain Appraisal 14.5 holes won/6 points

Season standings:

1st Built Rite MFG. 61 points

2nd Stryhas Builders 59 points

3rd Diamond Realty 54 points

4th Huntley’s Wealth Management 49 points

5th Knight Tubs 48 points

6th Sotheby’s Realty 43 points

7th HWC Financial 43 points

8th Green Mountain Appraisals 39 points

For more information about Okemo Valley Golf Club, visit www.okemo.com.

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