Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League results, Aug. 6

LUDLOW, Vt. – Two weeks remain in Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s League, and a record-setting seven out of eight teams have a chance to finish in the top three spots. Knight Tubs won the night, Aug. 6, and moved into second place in overall standings as Lou Falango, Bob Fortuna, Ken Guy, and Terry Thayne combined to win 11 holes.

Finishing second for the night, and making a rare appearance in the top three, was Green Mountain Appraisals. Clemente Delarosa, PJ Garvey, Doug Lemire, and Jake Pierce combined to win 10.5 holes. Rounding out the top three and climbing into fourth place in the season standings was Diamond Realty. Roger Danyew, Scott Howard, Bruce Zanca, and Bob Ahlers combined to win 9.5 holes. Closest to the pin winners were Roger Danyew and Scott Howard.

Weekly results:

  • 1st Knight Tubs 11 holes won, 15 points
  • 2nd Green Mountain Appraisals 10.5 holes won, 13 points
  • 3rd Diamond Realty 9.5 holes won, 11 points
  • 4th Built Rite MFG. 9.5 holes won, 10 points
  • 5th Stryhas Builders 9.5 holes won, 9 points
  • 6th Huntley’s Wealth Management 9.5 holes won, 8 points
  • 7th HWC Financial 7.5 holes won, 7 points
  • 8th Sotheby’s Realty 7 holes won, 6 points

Season standings:

  • 1st Built Rite MFG. 126 points
  • 2nd Knight Tubs 117 points
  • 3rd Stryhas Builders 115 points
  • 4th Diamond Realty 111 points
  • 5th Sotheby’s Realty 107 points
  • 6th Huntley’s Wealth Management 105 points
  • 7th HWC Financial 97 points
  • 8th Green Mountain Appraisals 92 points

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