Friday April 6 deadline for Dari Joy baseball contest

REGION – Time is running out for area baseball fans to make and send in their choices for the 2018 Dari Joy Baseball Contest. Six participants will be recognized in the winners’ bracket and win prizes to honor their prediction success.

Dari Joy
Who will be going to the World Series this season? Enter your picks for a chance at prizes. Stock Photo.

This is the eighth year, the Dari Joy and the Vermont Journal and Shopper have teamed up to offer readers and baseball fans a chance to compete against people from throughout the region.

The prizes awarded are $50, $25 and $15 gift certificates given out by the Dari Joy and three Red Sox autographed baseballs. These gifts are awarded to the contestants who collect the highest number of points in the contest after having totaled their selections of the final standings in each of baseball’s four divisions from top to bottom, their selection of the sport’s four wild card teams, and their selection of a World Series champion and runner-up.

The winner from 2017, Ian Clark, had first choice of prizes last time around and chose a Xander Bogaerts autographed baseball as the top selection.

If any of the contestants gather more points than both Dari Joy owner Rich Demuzio and myself, the Dari Joy cash prizes will double.

You may enter the competition by either emailing your choices to or mailing them to The Shopper, P.O. Box 308, Bellows Falls, Vt. 05101, “Attention Baseball Contest.” All predictions must be sent or postmarked by April 6 to be eligible.

In making your selections, you should:

  1. List the order of finish (top to bottom) in each of baseball’s six divisions
  2. Note two wild card teams in each league
  3. Pick the American and National League Champion
  4. Pick the World Series champion.

How points are awarded:

  • 7 points for choosing the World Series champion – 2 points if your champion selection is in the World Series and loses.
  • 4 points for choosing the World Series loser – 2 points if your selection is in the World Series and wins.
  • 3 points are awarded for each division winner selected – 1 point if a division winner choice makes the post season as a wild card.
  • 1 point for wild card choices who are in the play-offs, either as a wild card or as a division winner.


Ties will be broken from last place on up. This means every one of your choices is very important. If you tie for one of the winner spots, the tie will be broken by how many last place teams each tied participant chooses correctly. If a tie still exists after last place consideration, then we will move up the standings ladder to next to last place and keep going on up as many spots as needed until the tie is broken. Just about every season, a tie is broken by the tiebreaker system.

Only one entry is allowed per person.

Please include contact information with your selections. A mailing address or an email address, plus a phone number would be helpful.

So if you have not already, now is the time to sit down, make and then enter your picks by April 6 for a chance to win. Time is running out.

Join Ian Clark as last year’s winners are: Joseph Sampsell in second place, winning a $100 gift certificate; Melissa Nichols in third place with the $50 certificate; Bob Sartini in fourth with a Craig Kimbrel autographed baseball; Greg Chaffee in fifth, Brock Holt signed baseball; and Charlie O’Brien in sixth place with a gift certificate of $25.

Some people may question why Clark chose an autographed ball as first place prize instead of the $100, but consider this. What will that ball be worth if Bogaerts continues his hot 2018 start for the rest of his career? In other words, how much would a Hall of Famer’s autographed baseball be worth?

Sit down and make your picks now before it is too late. Good luck!

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