Fall Mountain unified basketball now 8-0

Fall Mountain
Fall Mountain Unified Basketball Team. Photo provided by Gordon Dansersau

LANGDON, N.H. – Fall Mountain unified basketball team goes 8-0 this week, winning hard-fought games over Stevens in Claremont and a nail-bitter at Hinsdale 37-35. The good outside-shooting Hinsdale team jumped ahead right in the first quarter of the game and led by 5 points in the third quarter.

Coaches Amanda Chamberlain and Smokey Aumand had their hands full. Neither one had to face such a tight game as this. Team scoring by both schools went back and forth right to the very end. Tied up in the remaining three minutes of the fourth quarter, Fall Mountain exploded and went ahead by five. The score was now at 36-31 with a minute and a half to go. Then, out of nowhere, Hinsdale got a three-pointer to take the game to 36-34. Now, Fall Mountain took the ball down the court but missed their shot, which was rebounded by Hinsdale. A three-pointer was put up, hit the rim, went around and around, and finally went off to the side, giving the Fall Mountain Wildcats the hard fought win.

The next game will be in Keene Jan. 21 at 3:30 p.m.

Written by Smokey Aumand

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