Fall Mountain unified basketball champs go 12-3

Fall Mountain
Coach Amanda Chamberlain, seniors Olivia Dunnigan, Jacob Forbes, Morgan Snelling, Adele Towne, Coach Smokey Aumand, Tasha Skowfoe, and Zachary Nutting. Photo by Mark Wojchick

LANGDON, N.H. – “What a tremendous year we just finished up! Our team played their hearts out, and I couldn’t be any prouder than I am,” Coach Amanda Chamberlain exclaimed after their win over Newport to finish the season.

The game was held at the Fall Mountain Den this past Friday, Feb. 14, 2020 in front of a 500-plus crowd. Scoring went back and forth throughout the match-up and it could have been anyone’s win. Zach Call, Adele Towne had 2 points each. Russell Putnam had a long 3-pointer; 4 points went Owen Elliot, Zach Nutting with 6, and high scorer with another 16 was Nick Norton who had a averaged 15 points per game.

The Fall Mountain Wildcats finished the year off with a 12-3 record. Coach Smokey Aumand added, “To top this off, we are losing nine seniors that have contributed greatly these past three years. And, we have a very strong group of 11 underclassman that had a lot of playing time who will be ready to fill in the gaps.”

Article written by Smokey Aumand

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