Exciting Ludlow Rec athletic milestone unites across the decade

Officer Zach Paul presenting Cooper Garvey with the basketball honoring the 1000 points he scored in his career at Ludlow Rec. Photo by Otis Nelson.

LUDLOW, Vt. – It was a touching scene in the Ludlow Community Center gym on the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 18. Officer Zach Paul presented Ludlow 5/6 Boys athlete Cooper Garvey with an honorary basketball marking a special occasion. 10 years ago as a 5/6 player himself, No.11 Zach Paul achieved an amazing milestone, scoring 1000 points before moving up from his years on Ludlow Rec to continue his basketball career at BRHS. The year prior, in 2012, Natalie Langile reached this accomplishment on the Ludlow 5/6 Girls Basketball Team. And with a packed gym last Wednesday, Officer Paul awarded Cooper Garvey, auspiciously No. 11 as well, with the aforementioned designated basketball.

Always encouraged by his dedicated parents Chris and Kristen to work hard at anything he participates in, Garvey achieved this feat before the beginning of the new year, having scored his 1000th point on Dec. 28, 2022 during a home game on the same community center court. And the same home court Zach Paul accomplished this amazing feat on as well, with his own family watching and cheering a decade earlier, and being gifted a game ball to mark his achievement. Garvey’s special moment was also definitive, as notable by all of the support from family and friends alike on Wednesday. The outpouring of positivity recognizing both Garvey and Paul’s athletic achievements has been indicative of what makes this community special. Congratulations to Cooper on his accomplishment, thanks for being a devoted and inspiring teammate. A huge thank you as well to Officer Zach Paul, who continues to be a faithful community member. Lastly, thank you to the coaches and Rec Director for all you do to support and guide these young athletes. This has already been an impressive season so far, all the athletes work so hard and we’re proud of all of them. The support for the youth sports programs is amazing.

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