Cosmos and Rebels unified on the court, Cosmos 46 Rebels 40

Sammy Pelton leading score for the Rebels. She’s got game. Photo by Monique Plankey

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Sometimes it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. In the recent Cosmos versus Rebels game, it was a two-team effort of playing on the court. Every athlete on the court scored for their team. Even though Glidden from the Cosmos and Pelton from the Rebels were leading scorers, both teams played with class, led by the Rebels sincere fun for the game, and made sure every athlete on the court scored for their team.

When Springfield missed a shot, the Rebels would pass the ball back to us, help rebound, and give Cosmos athletes the opportunity for two points. Springfield repaid the favors back to Leland & Gray throughout the game.

Gavin scores again. Photo by Monique Plankey

The game was every meaning of the term unified. Unify means to “make or become united, uniform, or whole,” and this was the attitude and sportsmanship on the court this evening.

After the game, Coach Gultekin and Thomas heard comments from their team.

Haley Gibbons said, “Leland & Gray is such a nice and fun team to play with.”

Paul Dana added, “This is why I play unified.”

Jason Surpy said, “The team was so nice, they let us shoot.”

Tiffany Gordon said, “Sammy Pelton is a very nice person.”

And some Springfield parents mentioned, “What a nice team! This is what it is about.”

Everyone had fun. Thanks again for our dedicated fans. Thank you Leland & Gray.

The Springfield Cosmos hosted Middlebury Monday, April 8 at Dresser Gym.

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