2019 Springfield Race Series announces winners

Runners start out on the Lace up for Laura race
Runners start out on the Lace up for Laura event. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Race Series is excited to announce its division winners for the 2019 year. The four events that comprised the series: The Springfield Dam Run, Lace Up for Laura, Springfield Booster Dash, and the EdgarMay Thanksgiving Day 5k. In all, more than 800 people participated in these four events.

Each race is unique with different courses, organizers, and causes, but the goal of the Race Series is the same, keep people running and walking throughout the year. The series works like this, for participating in each event you automatically earn five points. Then by placing in your age group you earn additional points: ten points for first place, nine for second place, then eight for third, all the way down to one point for tenth place. While placing in your age group is important, participating in all four events automatically earns you 20 points! Nearly half of all the final division winners participated in all four events.

Division winner Steve Young races across the dam
Division winner Steve Young races across the dam. Photo by Deb Graham

There will be a Springfield Race Series Awards Event held Saturday, Jan. 25 at 1 p.m. at Trout River Brewery. At this event, the 14 individuals that participated in all four events will receive a commemorative medal. Each age group winner will receive a t-shirt.

The female age group winners: Amelia Murchie, 14 and under; Paige Condon, 15-19; Sarah Flore, 25-29; Brittany Snide, 30-34; Amanda Tomberg, 35-39; Zoe Lirakis, 40-44; Erica Blais, 45-49; Sara Moulton, 50-54; Cindy Hampton, 55-59; Joanne Kraft, 60-64; and Ruth Walker, 65-plus.

The male age group winners: Nathan Nissenbaum, 15-19; Austin Mcfadden, 15-19; Kyle Weeks, 20-24; Pat Shaughnessy, 25-29; Isaiah Lees, 30-34; Ethan McNaughton, 35-39; Jim Fog, 40-44; Chip Howard, 45-49; John Blais, 50-54; Joe Coutermarsh, 55-59; Steve Young, 60-64; Jeff Murchie, 65-69; and Steven Aikenhead, 70-plus.


Runners start out on the EdgarMay Thanksgiving Day 5k race
Runners start out on the EdgarMay Thanksgiving Day 5k race. Photo by Deb Graham

The Springfield Race Series was organized by Christian Craig, Denise Hunter, and Ethan McNaughton. The series invites everyone to stop by Saturday, Jan. 25 at 1 p.m. to help celebrate the 2019 year and kick off 2020. Race registrations will be available and a special discount will be awarded for signing up that day. Those that are unable to make it Jan. 25, may stop by the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center any time after Jan. 26 to pick up their medal or t-shirt.

For more information about the series, please contact Christian Craig at 802-885-2568 or ccraig@myreccenter.org.

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