Vermont Academy announces Vermont Scholars Program

SAXTONS RIVER, Vt. – Vermont Academy’s Head of School, Dr. Jennifer Zaccara, is announcing the creation of a new merit scholarship program for students who live in Vermont. The Vermont Scholars Program’s goal is to increase the number of Vermont students who attend the elite private school located in Saxtons River.


Vermont Academy students playing tug-of-war during Winter Carnival.
Vermont Academy students playing tug-of-war during Winter Carnival. Photo provided

As Dr. Zaccara explains, “Every day when I walk through the doorway to my residence, I see a treatise written by Dorothy Hall Leavitt. She was the wife of one of our most important heads of school. She wrote that Vermont Academy is a place ‘where Vermont boys and girls can go further than the little red schoolhouse.’ While we enroll students from across the country and around the world, the number of students coming from Vermont has declined. We want to reverse that trend. We want Vermont scholars to come here.”

The program features a significant merit scholarship and an expedited application process. The merit scholarship will be awarded for up to four years. The amount will be pegged to the average announced tuition of union 7-12th grade school students published by the state of Vermont. “We’re going to give students the state’s average funding and in return they’ll have the chance to receive a superior education,” explains Zaccara.

Families living in sending towns can further reduce the tuition by the amount of their town’s contribution, which could cover most if not all of the remaining day-student tuition and a large portion of the remaining boarding tuition. Need-based financial aid is also available.

The expedited, four-step application process is comprised of a written application, a financial aid application, teacher recommendations, and a school transcript. The priority application deadline is Feb. 15, 2020. Priority applications benefit from a waived application fee.

The program is supported by the Vermont Academy Board of Trustees and will provide funding for up to 14 Vermont scholars. Dr. Zaccara explains, “We’re so fortunate to have a board who understands how important it is to have local students here, and to help us come up with a program to bring many more in-state students to our small and beautiful campus. Students come from around the world to be challenges academically and to foster a love of learning. We are the only private school in the state with ‘Vermont’ in its name, and we’re excited to have more Vermonters come here and thrive.”

Vermont Academy is planning several dates for Vermont students to visit campus and learn more about the school. Visit for more information.

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