Springfield High School seniors keep fellow students, community informed

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Two Springfield High School seniors, who are also co-editors of the school newspaper The Green Horn, recently launched a Spotify podcast called Green Horn Live in order to help keep fellow students and the local community informed about the COVID-19 pandemic and school-related news.

Springfield seniors launch podcast to keep students and community informed on local news
Springfield seniors launch podcast to keep students and community informed on local news. Stock photo

Ariel Day and Lucy Countermarsh launched the podcast in March. The co-editors needed a way to perform their duties by getting current news out despite their school being closed and “the presses” being on hold. With the encouragement of their teachers, including social studies teacher Stephen Lawrence and their Green Horn teacher Mike Janiszyn, the duo put their aspirations into action.

“We came up with the idea for the podcast when the coronavirus hit and we were put in quarantine,” Ariel Day said in a recent interview. “We thought, ‘How hard can a podcast be?’ Our teachers told us to keep reaching for our dreams and goals and that we could do anything we put our minds to, which really helped motivate us. So, we put it all together and filmed our first episode. We wanted something to fill the void during our senior year, while also keeping our school community involved and informed.”

The first Green Horn Live episode aired in mid-March and has been steadily growing in popularity since. “People are loving the podcast, and we are now working on our tenth episode. We have gotten a great response from listeners and we are now allowing listeners to have input on what topics we cover. Everyone seems to like the community-based atmosphere of the podcast.”

Being high school seniors, Ariel and Lucy could not have anticipated the position they are now in during the isolated times of this pandemic, but are determined to move forward and make the most of the hand they have been dealt.

“I never imagined that I would be in the position I am now,” Ariel concluded. “We wanted to go out [finishing high school] with a bang, so we decided to do this and the podcast and people around us has really helped keep things in perspective. I felt very empowered when starting this project and feel very good about what we are doing for the community as a whole. It has made me feel like I am enough, even going through a pandemic.”

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