Ludlow Rotary Club announces 2021 scholarship recipients

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Ludlow Rotary Club has a long history of supporting the educational pursuits of graduating seniors from area high schools. Candidates considered for these scholarships reside in our service area that includes Ludlow, Cavendish, Mount Holly and Plymouth. Applications for the several scholarships offered by the LRC are available through their school’s guidance office.

Since the inception of this program in 1960s, the Ludlow Rotary Club has awarded over $280,000 to graduates. Selection of our recipients is based upon the following criteria: scholastic achievement, financial need, realistic goals, extracurricular activities, and community service. Each category is equally weighted.

The following are the scholarships being awarded to local graduates in the class of 2021.

Daniel E. Kesman Memorial Scholarship, $2,500

Dan was a Rotarian for over 42 years. He was a resident of Ludlow and attorney by profession. His passion for the Ludlow Rotary Club lead to the beginning of the club’s annual Penny Sale and scholarship program. Dan donated frequently to the club and upon his passing in 1987 the Ludlow Rotary Club named its first scholarship in memory of Dan.

This year we are pleased to award the Daniel E. Kesman Memorial Scholarship to Erik Heitsmith of Green Mountain Union High School.

Ralph D. Hogancamp Vocational Scholarship, $2,000

Ralph became a member of the Ludlow Rotary in 1984. Ralph originally was a charter member of the Charlestown, N.H. club in 1947. Many Ludlow residents knew him for his local businesses. He originally owned and operated a luncheon restaurant at what is now the location of DJ’s Restaurant. Ralph also owned and operated a catering and tent rental business. Ralph passed away in 1999. The Ludlow Rotary Club named its second annual scholarship after Ralph for his variation of vocations he initiated in Ludlow. Ralph maintained a 100% membership attendance for many, many years. He was very passionate about Rotary, serving 52 years as a member.

This year we are pleased to award the Ralph D. Hogancamp Vocational Scholarship to Sadie Kobak of Green Mountain Union High School.

Robert W. Kirkbride Community Service Scholarship, $2,500

This is the eighth annual award of this scholarship honoring an outstanding community member and beloved Rotarian of 60-plus years. Until Bob’s passing in 2020, he was an active LRC member. This award is in specific recognition of the graduate’s community service involvement. This was Bob’s passion.

We are pleased to award the Robert W. Kirkbride Service Scholarship to Rosalee Saccardo of Green Mountain Union High School.

Finally, the Ludlow Rotary awards two traditional scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to the following students: Sarah Devereux and Jack Boyle of Green Mountain Union High School and Taylor Meyette of Expeditionary School at Black River.

Congratulations to all graduating students and Ludlow Rotary Club recipients.

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