Local couple light up the roads for safety

Kurn Hattin children pressing the crosswalk button and safely crossing Kurn Hattin Road
Kurn Hattin children pressing the crosswalk button and safely crossing Kurn Hattin Road. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Kurn Hattin Homes for Children has a unique campus design in that the lower and upper campuses, where the children live and go to school, are intersected by a town road. The children are taught many safety protocols, which include looking both ways before crossing the street at the designated crosswalks. However, many drivers have a visual impediment at certain points on the road and also tend to drive above the speed limit through the area.

Because of our growing concern for the children’s and drivers’ safety at our two crosswalks, we needed to make the crosswalks more visible to oncoming traffic to more clearly identify the crosswalks and the pedestrians in them to drivers. Two of our wonderful supporters have now made that goal a reality.

Sincere appreciation goes out to Kurn Hattin volunteers Trustee Terry and Marya Holcombe from Walpole, N.H. for completely funding flashing lights and reflective signs that alert oncoming traffic and make the children and staff more visible. The lights and signs were gifted in response to a published Kurn Hattin wish list. Each crosswalk has two poles with bi-directional, twin rectangular rapid flash beacons, and signs on each pole. The lights are solar powered with push-button controls.

Improving crosswalk visibility with these signs and lights will improve pedestrian safety, since drivers will have more time to react. With Daylight Savings Time beginning, the lights will make a noticeable difference to oncoming drivers when the children cross Kurn Hattin Road in the morning and early evening.

Follow their journey at www.kurnhattin.org.

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