“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” performed at CAES

CHESTER, Vt. – High praise for the children of Chester Andover Elementary School for their play acting roles in the production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!”

Mr.Tumnus played by Noah Bouvia. Photo provided.

Combine 22 students, two teachers and a mom (directors), five days of practice, three set changes, three songs, and the helpful and supportive parents and fellow teachers, and what do you get? You get the most charming rendition of a most difficult play!

Last Wednesday evening, on March 21, all the hard work paid off as the audience filled the gymnasium and were delighted by the performance! Two weeks before the play, the child actors had no idea the amount of work involved in putting on play, or the seriousness of learning lines and delivering them at the right moment. They had no idea how they would be transformed from children into a faun, beavers, wolves, kings and queens, a lion and witch, a Gryphon and an Otman; but as their costumes and make up enveloped them, they looked in the mirror and they believed they could do this!

The actors receive fans following their show. Photo provided.

It was a joy to watch them grow into their roles and embrace the magic!

Children who have been bitten by the acting bug: Conrad Randzio, King Peter; Beatrise Marino-Newborn, Queen Susan; Jake Tostrup, King Edmund; Maggie MacDonald, Queen Lucy; Niavh Gibney, Lion; Arianna Call, White Witch; Noah Bouvia, Mr. Tumnus; Maddie Gramling, Mrs. Beaver; Matthew Gagnier, Mr. Beaver; Hannah Rivet, Father Christmas; Sarafina Terry, Maugrim; Alexis Comiskey, Gryphon; Isabelle DesLauriers, Otman; Kaitlyn McGrath and Cheyanne Curley, wolves; Marlee Monroe, Lacey Heady, and Fiona Morgan-Thomas, singers.

Accolades to Brie Howe-Lynch for her solo performance of “There’s A Place for Us!”

Many thanks to all who assisted the directors: Kimberly Farrar, Erica Yuengling, and Stephanie Bouvia! Special mention to incredible parents Barry and Melissa Lynch for stage design and production!

Written by Kimberly Farrar, reading interventionist/school wide reading program at Chester Andover Elementary School.

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