Kurn Hattin students and staff staying connected

Kurn Hattin fifth grader Wade taking a break from homework.
Kurn Hattin fifth grader Wade taking a break from homework. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Kurn Hattin students may not be on campus due to COVID-19, but keeping in touch, lessons, and learning continues. Staff members from several departments including residential, admissions, school, counseling, and family outreach, have been staying in close communication with the children and their families, reaching out to them on a weekly basis to check in, offer any needed support, and making sure they know that even though we may be physically apart for the time being, we are here for them.

Teachers are continuing to assign schoolwork and, where possible, conduct lessons by way of distance learning, using Zoom, a video communications platform.

“The amazing dedication, sense of caring, and spirit of camaraderie of the entire Kurn Hattin community always shines through in countless ways and will continue to see us through these challenging circumstances,” said Sue Kessler, assistant executive director.

Kurn Hattin thanks everyone for their concern and continued support.

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