Kurn Hattin Homes’ Graduation Day

The Kurn Hattin graduating class of 2023. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Eight eighth-graders at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children did a remarkable job of staying the course and graduating on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Kurn Hattin Homes’ Board President Mark Bodin welcomed everyone, and commented that the graduates were better prepared to take on what lies ahead from their time at Kurn Hattin. He praised their endless pursuit to become better – better students, friends, and community members. After the invocation, flag salute, a selection from Kurn Hattin’s jazz band, and Salutatorian Awel Deng Dowang’s address about success and achieving goals, the students were recognized for their Academic and Residential Awards, which they received the previous day. Every student received an award this year. The graduates were recognized for their many talents and achievements with various additional awards.

In Valedictorian Oluwabamise Precious Adedeji’s farewell speech, she quoted Nelson Mandela, who said, “A winner is a dreamer who never gave up,” and asked her fellow classmates, “Remember to stay positive and keep dreaming, because we are all winners.”

After receiving their diplomas, the eight graduates proudly moved their mortarboard tassels to the left and all cheered. Congratulations to the Kurn Hattin Class of 2023!

Thank you to Terry and Marya Holcombe for sponsoring the Happy Cows Ice Cream truck as a special treat after the luncheon.

Since 1894, Kurn Hattin Homes for Children has helped thousands of children and their families, by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment. Kurn Hattin transforms the lives of children and their families forever. For more information, visit www.kurnhattin.org.


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