Killington, Castleton expand School of Resort Hospitality Management

KILLINGTON, Vt. – Killington Resort is pleased to announce it will expand its partnership with Castleton University to deliver its new cooperative education program in Resort Hospitality Management starting this fall. For 18 years, Killington delivered a similar program through Green Mountain College, offering students the opportunity to get hands-on experience while earning their bachelor’s degree. With the impending closure of GMC this summer, Killington was able to secure Castleton as its educational partner.

“While we’re sad to see our relationship with Green Mountain College end, we’re happy to have Castleton University step up and open their doors to GMC students. We’re thrilled to have Castleton as a partner in our new version of our innovative and truly unique B.S. degree in Resort and Hospitality Management started in 2001 by Frank Pauze,” says Mike Solimano, president and general manager of Killington Resort and Pico Mountain. “Like GMC’s program, Castleton plans to incorporate real life experience in the resort industry. Currently, 35 alumni of the GMC program work at Killington, and we hope to see that number grow with the inception of CU’s new program.”

The Killington School of Resort Hospitality Management will continue offering students applied learning while earning their degree through this new partnership with Castleton University. Current students in the GMC program will be able to seamlessly transfer into Castleton’s program for the fall of 2019.

The three-year resort hospitality management bachelor’s degree program has been instrumental to Killington and Pico’s recruitment strategy for the past 18 years. Over 90 percent of students who enroll complete the program, and 99 percent of students who graduate earn a job in the resort hospitality industry.

Logistical details are still being solidified as Killington and Castleton University work together during this transitional period.

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