Hailey DeForge is BFUHS’ October Student of the Month

Hailey DeForge
Hailey DeForge. Photo provided

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – It is a pleasure to announce that Hailey DeForge has been named the October Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School. Hailey, a senior, is the daughter of Craig Burell of Bellows Falls.

Hailey is a dedicated student who puts the time and effort into making sure she does well. She asks questions to clarify information, and she often researches topics to get background information on the materials being covered out of general curiosity and for better understanding. Hailey enthusiastically discusses what she is working on with others, to not only help her better understand it, but because she is interested in the subject. A valued member of the BFUHS choral program, Hailey has worked hard to grow as a performer and to become a leader in the choir. She has taken the initiative to enroll in private instruction in both voice and piano so she can become a better musician, thus getting her out of her comfort zone.

Hailey comes to school ready to learn, and she is active in her classes. She is a pleasure to work with and a good role model for the other students. She has a good sense of humor and is always willing to offer assistance where needed. Hailey has a positive attitude and a huge heart; she is always thinking of others. A quiet role model who leads by example, she is often the first to compliment other students on their performances in chorus, and let them know how much she appreciates their singing, their cheerful attitude, and their just being part of the choir.

Always willing to do more than expected, recently Hailey stepped forward to sing the National Anthem at the BFUHS football game and has asked each week since if someone is needed to cover the game. If no one is available, she is willing to do it. When she sang the anthem, she went out of her way to include other choir students who might not have felt confident enough to volunteer because as Hailey put it, “They are good performers, and just need a little confidence in their voices.”

Not only a bright light at BFUHS, Hailey works as a dietary aide at a local assisted living home; the residents love her, and she loves her job. She brings her positive attitude and huge heart to her workplace and brightens their days.

Clearly deserving of this award, BFUHS and the Elks are honored to have Hailey represent us this month.

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