Green Mountain Union High School food services fall 2018

CHESTER, Vt. – We are once again preparing for another school year here in the kitchen. I would like to welcome our new seventh graders and invite them to come down to the cafeteria and check us out for breakfast and lunch. Many of you from Chester and Andover will be pleased to know that your account number for meals is the same as last year. Our cashier will assist any new students with their number. Please be advised we do not allow any charging of meals. We encourage everyone to maintain a positive balance in their lunch account. Parents can access their child’s account simply by going to and setting up an account. We do offer a la cart items such as drinks, ice cream, and chips. These items are purchased on a cash only basis. All menus can be seen on the school’s website.

We offer both breakfast and lunch with options to choose from at both meal services. We offer two serving lines one is the hot meal of the day and the other is the grab and go line offering many selections to choose from for you to create a healthy lunch – everything from cold sandwiches to pizza. We also offer our salad bar daily with all meals. There is really no reason why students would not be able to find a great healthy lunch.

We began a program last school year to eliminate any paper products from our serving line. It was very successful with the help of many students. We were able to eliminate paper plates, plastic ware, paper cups, any portion packets like ketchup, mayo, and mustard, and salad dressings. We were able to save at least $700 just in paper plate usage.

Our next step is in the works right now. We are currently in the process of creating a composting of food scraps program for the entire district. We have been speaking with a company called Grow Compost Vermont. They offer a very efficient program of dealing with all food scraps. This will reduce even more what we send to the landfills. This is an attempt to set up a program for our food scraps and be a bit proactive due to the fact it will be the law in two years that no food scraps go in the dumpsters.

Our Jr. Iron Chef Vermont program is alive and well. The teams are looking forward to starting up practice this fall. The famous Senior Citizen Luncheons will begin for this year Wednesday Sept. 5 at noon. We offer our luncheon the first Wednesday of each month all school year.

Please call me with any questions or concerns at 802-952-9133.

Written by Jack Carroll, food services.

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