Fall Mountain Unified Basketball team goes 4-0

Athletes: Zach Blair, Zach Call, Zach Nutting, Owen Elliott, Riley Floyd, Nick Norton, Russell Putnam, Taylor Roy, Carroll Tenney, and Adele Towne. Partners: Gabe Allen, Zach Benoit, Elissa Brady, Alexis Byrne, Jessee Fisk, Mason Lantz, Owen Marsden, Hannah McCormick, Mary Ronning, Morgan Snelling, and Meghan Spaulding. Coaches: Amanda Chamberlain and Smokey Aumand. Photo by Diane Beers.

LANGDON, N.H. – It was another packed house, an old-fashion “Barn Burner” Jan. 4, 2019! Fall Mountain traveled to Hinsdale and faced a go get’em tough group of ball players. The final score ended up 31-30 with the Fall Mountain Wildcats claiming their fourth victory.

The Wildcats were leading 30-23 with two minutes to play, when Hinsdale turned it on! Two rebounds in a row by Hinsdale, following up with two shots off the glass backboard gave them another four points. Then it happened with 19 seconds on the clock: a stolen Fall Mountain pass brought in a very huge “downtown Hinsdale” three-pointer.

The score was now tied at 30-30 with 7 seconds on the clock. Just by accident, a Hinsdale player fouled the Wildcats’ Zach Blair for a 1:1 free throw. It was a tense moment. Everyone was on their toes with the fans in the packed gymnasium all standing and cheering on their teams. The coaches paced the floor as the shot went up and swish… with a final score of Fall Mountain 31-30.

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