ESBR students create promotional video with BRIC

Mackenzie Kennedy receives instruction in audio recording from a BRIC staff member. Photo provided
Mackenzie Kennedy receives instruction in audio recording from a BRIC staff member. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – Through a partnership with Black River Innovation Campus located in Springfield, the students at the Expeditionary School at Black River utilized their public speaking, video, and editing skills to create a new video whose intent is to promote the school’s unique learning environment.

BRIC is focused on helping to develop the next generation of skilled digital workers so “It’s an ideal match for us,” stated Kendra Rickerby, the Head of ESBR.

This partnership enables the school to serve the region’s youth through giving them access to the latest in coding, media, and gaming technology. Rickerby continued, “BRIC’s Youth Coding League, their willingness to help us produce the ‘Through the Eyes of Students’ video, is broadening students’ horizons. It is because of BRIC that we are able to use top-notch technology. Our students enjoy this software and are eager to learn more.”

Junior Wyatt Benoit was able to hone his editing skills during the process and is credited with creating the storyboard and editing the footage with assistance from BRIC staff. The video focuses on some of the ESBR students who want others to know about the Expeditionary style of education.

Damian Foley, an eighth grade student, believes that ESBR has given him the opportunity to show his intelligence that was overlooked in other schools when teachers focused on his ADHD. Fellow eighth grader Azaiah Allen enjoys coming to ESBR because he is allowed a more personalized approach to his education by being able to choose subjects that interest him.

Mackenzie Kennedy, a seventh grader, believes that project-based learning expeditions, where students engage in interdisciplinary, in-depth study of compelling topics in groups and in their community, is a welcome change from the traditional education system. Her sister, ninth grader Kailin, could not agree more. She is a kinesthetic learner so ESBR guides her learning through projects instead of lectures. She has become more self-disciplined and the welcoming community makes her want to achieve academic excellence. It was an incredible experience being at BRIC.

Trevor Barlow, executive director, is equally as excited about the partnership. “We look forward to continuing to support the ESBR with our programming, digital labs, and media studio that are powered by the speed of VTel’s best in class internet.”

Incidentally, Barlow grew up in Springfield and attended the Park Street School where BRIC is now located.

If you don’t know about Black River Innovation Campus, you should. It is a relatively new nonprofit designed to support entry-level digital and technology entrepreneurs and web-enabled businesses. BRIC provides access to 10-gig internet, classes and events, conference space, and a community of engaged digital and tech professionals. To learn more about BRIC, contact Trevor Barlow at 802-546-1940,, or visit

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