Bellows Falls Middle School sports teams close out fall 2018 season

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – The Bellows Falls Middle School sports teams completed their fall season of field hockey and soccer. Their results are below.

Field hockey

The BFMS field hockey team enjoyed a very successful 2018 field hockey season. The 17 seventh and eighth graders from varying field hockey backgrounds were committed to working together as a team to hone the skills and strategies required to dominate their sport while having fun on and off the field. They brought a great attitude to every practice and were all eager to play every minute of the game. Their commitment and enthusiasm showed in their achievement, a record of 9-1-1. They played their last game Thursday, Oct. 25 at home under the lights.

Girls’ soccer

The BFMS girls’ soccer team had 12 players – nine eighth graders, two seventh graders, and one sixth grader. Five of the eighth graders were returning players from last year; five players had never played soccer before. In the beginning of the season, we worked on basic soccer fundamentals. Throughout the season, we continued to work on spreading out, communicating with each other, and passing to a player and not just kicking the ball down the field. We ended our season with a record of 2-10.

  Boys’ soccer

The BFMS boys’ soccer team had an enjoyable season. The team, consisting of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, had a record of 5-5-2. Though they faced some strong competitors, the boys continued to learn and improve throughout the season.

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