Apples bring math and science to Central Elementary


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Photos provided

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BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Students at Central Elementary School in Bellows Falls recently got to learn about apples with the help of math and science. Thanks to the donation of a bushel of Ginger Gold and Gala apples from Pete’s Stand, CES’s new School Librarian Mrs. Pamela Spurlock showed students there are more to apples than just a healthy snack.

Most students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade had fun stories about apples and how apples are grown read to them and then followed by a fun activity. Kindergarten learned to sort apples by colors and count while 1st graders saw apples being cut and counted out seeds from the 5 seed chambers in the apples. 2nd graders stacked apples in attempt to recreate the famous Dr. Seuss book of Ten Apples Up on Top, and  3rd grade students got to experience using a cored apple as a vessel for a chemical reaction to make an apple volcano.

Mrs. Spurlock had great fun bringing in other elements to further student understanding of apples all while supporting math and science curriculum. While many students left the library feeling a little hungry for apples, the lasting impression is a hunger for knowledge.

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