Windham County Trails Alliance supports local outdoor recreation

WINDHAM COUNTY, Vt. – Our local areas already support a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities and adventure-based recreation, including biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and wildlife watching. But, without the infrastructure to support such recreation, the future is uncertain. That is why Windham County Trails Alliance was formed!

The mission of the Windham County Trails Alliance is to provide sustainable, multi-use trails for recreational activities within Windham County. The specific goals of the organization are:

  • To establish a culture of cooperation between individuals, businesses, and institutions that support outdoor recreation in Windham County;
  • To support the local economy by establishing and promoting mountain bike trail networks in Windham County;
  • To foster a mentality of trail stewardship which aims to maintain a sustainable trail system throughout Windham County.

The Windham County Trails Alliance is currently a chapter of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association and operates as a nonprofit trail organization. We are also networking with local trail management organizations, including our local VAST Clubs, Magic Mountain, Pete’s Camp, Bellows Falls Community Bike Project, local schools, and the Grafton Improvement Association.

Our initial goal is to build community awareness and support while working to identify existing trails and inventory data. We believe that Windham County has the potential to become the premier outdoor recreation area and mountain bike mecca in southern Vermont. Outdoor recreation and cycling specifically has helped make other areas in Vermont vibrant year-round destinations. Our corner of Vermont is easily accessible from multiple major metropolitan areas and provides some of Vermont’s most beautiful landscapes.

By organizing our efforts with local trail systems to promote area trails and recreation opportunities we foresee many benefits to the local communities, including year-round employment opportunities, increased visitor numbers, new business opportunities, and more internships and seasonal jobs for local young adults.

To learn more about WCoTA we encourage you to visit our Facebook page. Membership information can be found on the Vermont Mountain Bike Association website at

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