Vernal Pools: Wicked big puddles or critical wildlife habitat?

vernal pools
Learn about vernal pools. Photo provided

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – You are invited to participate in “Vernal Pools: Wicked Big Puddles or Critical Wildlife Habitat?” another in the Londonderry Conservation Commission’s ongoing series of virtual talks.

Conservation biologist Steve Faccio from Vermont Center for Ecostudies will take us on a tour of vernal pools, the temporary pools and puddles found throughout New England. Do you want to know about all those peeps, quacks, grunts, clicks, and trills you hear on a spring night? Come find out as Steve explores vernal pools, highlighting those noisy frogs and colorful salamanders. Learn about the ecology of these small, short-lived wetlands and the roles they play in our forest ecosystems.

The program happens Thursday, April 29 at 7 p.m. Go to the Londonderry Conservation Commission’s Events page at where you’ll find complete instructions for joining by computer or telephone. While you’re there, look for the link to LCC’s YouTube channel where you’ll be able to enjoy all of our past presentations.

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