Vermont’s archery deer season starts Oct. 1

Vermont’s archery deer season starts Saturday, Oct. 1
Vermont’s archery deer season starts Saturday, Oct. 1.
Photo by Tom Rogers, Vermont Fish & Wildlife

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says hunters are looking forward to Vermont’s upcoming Oct. 1–Nov. 13 and Nov. 30–Dec. 15 archery deer hunting season.

A hunter may take up to four deer in Vermont’s two-part archery season if they do not shoot any deer in the other deer seasons. The purchase of an archery deer license and tag is required for each deer. No more than one of the deer taken during archery season may be a legal buck if no buck is taken in the other deer seasons. Antlerless deer hunting is allowed during archery season statewide this year.

In WMUs C, D1, D2, E1, E2, G, I, L, M, P, and Q a legal buck is any deer with at least one antler three inches or more in length. In WMUs A, B, F1, F2, H, J1, J2, K, N, and O a legal buck is any deer with at least one antler with two or more antler points one inch in length or longer.

Hunters must have a standard hunting license in order to purchase an add-on archery deer hunting license, except that nonresidents may purchase an “archery-only deer license.” Licenses may be quickly and easily purchased on Fish & Wildlife’s website,

Hunters planning a Vermont archery deer hunting trip will find it helpful to download a copy of the 2019 White-tailed Deer Harvest Report from Fish & Wildlife’s website with this link: It has the number of deer taken in each town in last year’s deer hunting seasons.

For more information and a summary of regulations, download the 2020 Deer Season Guide from Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s website, or pick up a free copy of the 2020 Hunting & Trapping Guide from any license agent.

Nonresident archery hunters are cautioned that Covid-19 travel restrictions can change prior to and during the fall archery deer hunting season. Nonresident archery deer hunters are encouraged to consider this before purchasing an archery deer license for 2020 as refunds for hunting license purchases will not be granted due to changing travel restrictions because of Covid. Additional information on Covid-19 travel restrictions can be found by going to

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