Vermont covered bridges

Windsor-Cornish covered bridge. Photo by Joann Vitali
Windsor-Cornish covered bridge. Photo by Joann Vitali


With the greatest concentration of covered bridges in the United States, 114 to be exact, a trip to Vermont is not complete until you have visited at least a half dozen. We have listed the ones in our region.




Creamery –  Brattleboro, Vt. Whetstone Brooke at Guilford St. built 1879.



Kidder Hill- Grafton, Vt. South branch of Saxtons River on Kidder Hill Rd. Built 1870.



Ledoux Hometown- Reading, Vt. Seasonal Brook. Built in 2008.



Hitchcock-Cormier- Rockingham, Vt. Built in 2008.

Victorian Village- Rockingham, Vt. Rock Brook at the Vermont Country Store.  Built 1872.

Worral Bridgge –  Rockingham, Vt. Williams River on Williams road. Built 1870.



Hall- Rockingham, Vt. Saxtons River Hall Bridge Rd. Built 1870.



Brown – Shrewsbury, Vt. Cold River on Upper Cold River Rd. Built 1880.



Baltimore- Springfield, Vt. On dry land. Built 1870.



Scott – Townshend, Vt. West river on back side road. Built 1870.



Great Eddy – Waitsfield, Vt. Mad River on Bridge St. Built 1833.

Pine Brook – Waitsfield, Vt. Pine Brooke on North Road. Buit 1872.



Warren – Warren, Vt. Mad River covered bridge road. Built 1880.



Upper Falls- Weathersfield, Vt. Crosses Black River on Upper Falls Rd. Built 1840

Stoughton- Weathersfield, Vt. Schoolhouse Brook. Built 1880.

Salmond- Weathersfield, Vt. Sherman Brooke on Henry Gould Rd. Built 1875.



Bowers- West Windsor, Vt. Mill Brook on Bowers Rd. Built 1919.

Bests- West Windsor, Vt. Mill Brook on Church St. Built 1889.

Windsor-Cornish- Windsor, Vt. Connecticut River on Bridge St. Built 1866.



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