Trout Unlimited host informational meeting about local fisheries

WILMINGTON, Vt. – The Connecticut River Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited invites chapter members and the public to a meeting Tuesday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at the Wilmington Town Hall, 2 East Main Street, meeting room to discuss the U.S. Forest Service Integrated Resource Management Project, and how it can improve local fisheries in the Deerfield River valley.

The U.S. Forest Service will discuss its ideas for wildlife management projects for 71,000 acres surrounding the Somerset Reservoir during this meeting of the Trout Unlimited chapter.

The project, known as the Somerset Integrated Resource Management Project includes land in Dover, Glastenbury, Searsburg, Somerset, Stratton, Wilmington, and Woodford, and small portions of Sunderland and Wardsboro.

According to the Forest Service, the goals of the project are to improve wildlife and fish habitat, enhance forest health, provide timber products, control non-native invasive plants, restore soil and water conditions, increase recreation and scenery viewing opportunities, improve the trail and road network, and protect or enhance heritage sites throughout the area.

The Trout Unlimited chapter wants to see that the cold water fishery resources are adequately considered as part of this extensive project. All TU members and any members of the pubic interested in the fishing interests in this area are encouraged to attend the meeting.

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