Moose hunt auction nets $43,072 for wildlife conservation education

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Vermont’s annual auction of five moose hunting permits was held today when sealed bids were opened and the permit winners were notified. The bids totaled $43,702.83, which will help fund Fish & Wildlife Department educational programs, such as the Green Mountain Conservation Camps for youths.

Auction winners will hunt in Wildlife Management Units E1 or E2 in the northeast corner of the state during the Oct. 1-7 archery season, or in the Oct. 20-25 regular season. Permits are for bulls-only.

No regular public moose permit lottery was held because only 13 moose hunting permits were authorized this year. If any public lottery permits had been offered, all those with bonus points from past seasons would have had to apply or lose those points, as required by statute. By law, in addition to the five permits in the auction, five permits were awarded to Vermont resident military veterans in a lottery and up to three permits are available for “Special Opportunity” recipients with life-threatening illnesses.

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