Medicinal plant workshop with Brenna Morris

Learn about medicinal plants native to our area. Photo provided

WALPOLE, N.H. – On Sunday, Sept. 8, from 2-4:30 p.m., learn about medicinal plants with Brenna Morris. Plants have been used medicinally by every culture in the world, and roughly 25% of our modern medicines are based on compounds that were originally derived from plants. Many of the plants found in the gardens, forests, fields, and wetlands of Distant Hill have medicinal value, and this workshop will introduce you to many of them.

Come walk Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail with herbalist Brenna Morris, owner of Luna’s Herbal Botanical Cultivations, and learn how to harness the medicinal properties of some of our native and cultivated plants.

This workshop will start with a talk, followed with a plant walk, and ending with a hands-on activity making tinctures and teas from plants collected on our walk. Each participant will take home their own custom tincture.

This workshop is open to 15 participants so register early at EventBrite, or call Michael at 603-756-4179.

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