Hunters will report big game to regional reporting stations

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Vermont hunters are reminded to use regional big game reporting stations this fall as they have in past years, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Hunters are required to take the deer, bear, and wild turkeys they harvest during the hunting seasons to a local big game reporting station within 48 hours. Deer and bear must be field-dressed prior to reporting, and a hunter must take a warden to the kill site of a deer or bear if requested by a warden.

The hunter must also collect and submit a premolar tooth from the bear at the time the bear is reported or within 30 days. The tooth provides important data on the age structure and size of the bear population. Envelopes for submitting teeth are available at all big game reporting stations.

The department also urges all hunters to tag their harvested game immediately and wear a face covering and practice social distancing when visiting the reporting station.

A list of big game reporting stations is listed under “Hunt” on the left side of Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website,, home page.

A proposed regulation is under consideration that would allow different options for online reporting of deer and wild turkeys. The Fish and Wildlife Department will post any future changes on how hunters can report their big game on its website.

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