Hunter education courses are being held now

hunter education course
Vermont Fish & Wildlife says Hunter Education Courses are being offered now. Photo by J. Morin

REGON – Vermont Fish & Wildlife says anyone interested in taking a hunter education course should consider doing so this summer because fewer courses will be available later in the year.

“Invariably, many people are disappointed when they can’t find a hunter education course being given in the fall,” said Nicole Meier with Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s Hunter Education Program. “We actually have more courses available now because many of our certified volunteer instructors have more time to give the courses before hunting seasons begin. While more classes will be added through September, if a course opens up now, this is the time to sign up for it. Don’t wait until the last minute.”

Completion of a free course is required prior to purchasing a person’s first Vermont hunting, bow hunting, or trapping license.

Upcoming courses and information are listed on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website,, as they are scheduled by instructors. For more information about hunter education in Vermont, call 802-828-1193.

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