Hardy Hill trail walk in Cavendish

Great Blue Heron nesting. Photo provided
Great Blue Heron nesting. Photo provided

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The Cavendish Association of Trails invites you to a guided nature walk on Hardy Hill, a newly established hiking trail located in Cavendish. The walk will take place Sunday, Aug. 1, starting at 10 a.m. and hosted by the landowner Pieter Van Schaik. Trail parking will be located at the intersection of East Road and Susannah Johnson Lane in Cavendish, just west of Caton Place Campground. The walk will last about two hours and light refreshments will be served. Please reserve your spot by emailing erickrasnauskas@protonmail.com to say how many people will be walking.

Hardy Hill includes a large beaver pond, in which several great blue heron pairs have nested, and who take up residence each year. Now is the best time to observe the heron nests. Aug. 1 is a good date to approach the herons to see the juveniles and what’s out on the pond.

Hardy Hill covers approximately 215 acres located on the east side of Cavendish and adjacent to the Lord State Forest. The long-term conservation goal is to permanently conserve this parcel of land in conjunction with the state of Vermont. In order to make that possible, the Cavendish Association of Trails is installing a trail network, much of it handicap accessible, to allow the public access to both the historic and natural features of the land. One of the primary features to explore on this walk is the pond, but the walk will also include the Upper Loop trail, which has several interesting specimens of orchid and ladyslipper, as well as a large porcupine nest and a vernal pool.

Binoculars are recommended for good viewing of the herons. Please wear tick protection and decent walking or hiking boots. The hike is not strenuous but is on rough ground.

The Cavendish Association of Trails is part of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association. For more information about CCCA, please visit www.CavendishCCCA.org or email Cavendishcommunityconservation@gmail.com.

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