Deadline for antlerless deer applications is Aug. 14

antlerless deer
Deer hunters have until Aug. 14 to apply for a Vermont antlerless deer permit for use in the Dec. 7-15 muzzleloader hunting season. Photo by John Hall

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The deadline to apply for an antlerless deer permit to be used during Vermont’s Dec. 7-15 muzzleloader deer hunting season is Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Paper antlerless permit applications are not available this year. You can apply online at the Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s website,, or license agents across the state that sell hunting and fishing licenses can process your application for you.

Landowners who do not have a Conservation ID number will need to create a profile through the online license sales system to apply for a landowner application even if they do not intend to purchase a hunting license. Landowners who post their land may not apply for a muzzleloader landowner antlerless deer permit.

“The winter of 2019 was severe in central and northeastern Vermont, causing the permit allocation to be 51% less in those areas than in 2018,” said Nick Fortin, deer project leader for the Fish & Wildlife Department. “Elsewhere, the permit allocation is similar to 2018 as little change is expected in the deer population in those areas.”

A lottery drawing for muzzleloader antlerless permit recipients will be held Sept. 17.

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