Come learn about Vermont’s wildlife in a changing climate

Tom Rogers of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife will be presenting on the effects of climate change on Vermont’s wildlife. Photo provided.

DUMMERSTON, Vt. – Vermonters of all ages are invited to attend a presentation about Vermont’s wildlife in a changing climate on Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Dummerston Grange Hall, 1008 East-West Rd., Dummerston Center, Vt.

Tom Rogers will be presenting at the event. Rogers is a biologist who has worked on a variety of conservation projects, researching zebras in Kenya, golden-winged warblers in New York, sage grouse and bald eagles in Wyoming, and grizzly bears in Montana. Rogers currently works in outreach for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, connecting the public with fish and wildlife through writing, speaking, and photography.

Through colorful photos and captivating stories, the audience will come away with a new understanding of how climate change is affecting wildlife. Rogers will talk about what people can do to help conserve biodiversity in Vermont in the face of these new threats.

“From warmer, wetter winters to increasingly severe storms, wildlife faces a variety of challenges from a changing climate,” said Rogers. “We’ll discuss how different species might continue to respond to many of these challenges and what conservationists are doing to address them.”

The talk is free and open to the public. Donations are requested to support an environmental education program in the local school.

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