Area 4-H’ers compete in virtual hippology contest

REGION – Even a raging snowstorm couldn’t keep Windham and Windsor County 4-H’ers from participating in the annual Southeast 4-H Horse Hippology Contest.

Although originally scheduled for Feb. 8 at Springfield High School, University of Vermont Extension 4-H educator Lisa Muzzey turned the event into a virtual contest, allowing the 4-H’ers to complete the two phases of the competition at their next club meeting or from home. Scores from the written exam and identification stations were tallied to determine placements by age group.

Test questions covered a range of topics including horse breeds and colors, anatomy, health and nutrition, and dressage. The 4-H’ers worked from sheets with photos and pictures to identify the parts of a horse, breeds, and tack and equipment for the identification stations.

4-H horse members from River Riders II, Brookline; Solids, Stripes and Spots 4-H Club, Vernon; Windham Independents, Wilmington; and Windsor Independents, Bethel; took part in the competition. The virtual format allowed clubs and their leaders to discuss and review the answers at the conclusion of the contest, which will help prepare the 4-H’ers for the State 4-H Horse Hippology Contest May 3.

Results were as follows:

Senior, ages 14-18: Lilia Kocsis, first; Whitney Dunklee, second, and Garrette Shanks, third, all from Vernon; Tanya Wheeler, Wilmington, fourth; Jenna Dolloph, Grafton, fifth; Rylie Zager, Gill, Mass., sixth; Makayla LaFlam, Wilmington, seventh; and Britney Zager, Gill, Mass., eighth.

Junior, ages 11-13: Megan Carson, Windham, first; Elizabeth Brown, second, and Viola Brown, third, both from Vernon; Emily Oliver, Bethel, fourth; and Natalie Noyes, Cambridgeport, fifth.

Rookie, first-time participants, ages 11-18: Emma Strong, Vernon, first.

Beginner, ages 8-10: James Carson, first, and Anna Carson, second, both from Windham; Elyse Thurber, and Westminster, third.

Adult leaders and volunteers who assisted with this event were Cheryl Brown and Kelli Dunklee, both from Vernon; Amy Carson, Windham; Michelle Dolloph, Grafton; Tina Wyman, Cambridgeport; Kelli Mastine and Amanda Oliver, both from Bethel; and Paul Wheeler, Wilmington.

For more information about the 4-H horse program in southeastern Vermont, contact Lisa Muzzey at

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