Yvonne Guy, 1938-2021

Yvonne Guy, 1938-2021
Yvonne Guy, 1938-2021. Photo provided

BELMONT, Vt. – The Guy family would like to celebrate the life of Yvonne Guy, who passed away April 21, 2021 at 1:50 p.m. She is survived by her loving husband Kenneth; her brother Michael; her four children Simon, Philip, Katherine, and Robert; her six grandchildren Kristina, Ashton, James, Andrew, Sam, and Jeremy; and her great-grandchild Arthur.

Yvonne was born June 10, 1938 to Arthur and Thelma Groizard of Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England. Arthur served in World War II and was rescued from the beach at Dunkirk. After rehab, he was stationed in Lagos, Nigeria where Thelma and Yvonne joined him. Yvonne went to school with all native children and when her father was reposted she was educated in a wonderful high school in the suburbs of London. She did not go to college, but her experiences allowed her to develop a superior intellect, knowledge, and understanding of humanity.

In July of 1961, Yvonne married Ken after meeting him at their shared workplace. Yvonne and Ken had three children Simon, Philip, and Katherine before they moved to Seattle, Wash. in 1968 after Ken took a job at Boeing. Gradually, they progressed across America to GE in Vermont 1974 and settled on Tarbel Hill in Cavendish. Robert was born soon afterwards. Yvonne marveled at the wonderful neighbors on Tarbell Hill who helped us during a difficult period after Robert’s birth.

Yvonne will be remembered for her sharp sense of humor, her love of reading, passion for cooking, cards, and her lifelong love of learning. She was a skilled seamstress and knitter. She and a friend had a knitting business supplying handcrafted local wool dresses and coats to classy New York retailers such as Paul Stuart. After the business fell afoul of the garment union and Labor Department, she went to work in a law office and later various secretarial jobs. She also served on the Board of Southwestern Vermont Mental Health.

Kenneth and Yvonne became citizens of the United States of America in May 1995. They eventually moved to Belmont, Vt., in 2002 and have lived there since – with winter stints in Myrtle Beach, S.C. They met many wonderful friends along the way, some who have predeceased Yvonne, and some whose support and generosity has meant so much to Ken and the children this week.

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