Rhoda Devarney, 1947-2022

Rhoda Devarney, 1947-2022. Photo provided

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Rhoda Jeanne Devarney passed away May 3, 2022 after living with Alzheimer’s for nine years. She was born Sept. 2, 1947 in Gardner, Mass. After marrying Bruce, they relocated to Vermont and worked hard to gain their independence while raising their family. With three of their four children serving in the armed forces, they were fortunate to see the world from many perspectives. She was precious to many, an exceptional woman, a dedicated friend, an extraordinary wife, a free-spirited mother, and an inspirational grandmother and great-grandmother.

Rhoda was never bothered when her husband threatened to nail the furniture to the floor as she was a master furniture visionaire and loved decorating their home. She was dubbed as the queen of vacuuming and a pyromaniac, as she would burn just about anything in their woodstove! Her passions were reading and writing as she was whimsical, creative, and witty. Nevermind our ability or inability to read her chicken scratch handwriting, scribbled on distant postcards or elegant stationery.

A lover of music, she was known to many as “The Dancing Queen.” Some of her favorites: Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Michael Bublé, and Andrea Bocelli. The front-runner being “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton. She would shimmy her way across the wooden floorboards of their kitchen, continuing to show off her moves even through her illness. She would encourage anyone to be her dance partner, especially the men. They never stood a chance to turn down her offer! Her energy was contagious as she was amusing, lively, and entertaining.

She is survived by her husband, Bruce, and their children: Ken, Chris, Allison, and Marlo; grandchildren: Kristen, Thayne, Aria, Kenzie, and Hattie; great-grandchildren: Chase and Holly; and her cherished friend, Irene Michaud. We would like to thank Bayada/Hospice for their support and Becky Klopchin, a very special lady, for her caring, loving nature and round-the-clock care she provided.

Rhoda will always be remembered for her spunky, vivacious spirit. “Be courageous and be brave, and in my heart you’ll always stay Forever Young.” So, the next time you hear Michael Bublé or Rod Stewart, think of Rhoda, or better yet, dance!

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