To the friends and family of Edward Fitzgibbons

Thank you for your prayers, cards, and calls during Eddie’s illness and passing. Also thanks to Pastor Abe for the beautiful graveside service and the Helping Hand Class for serving the lunch afterward.

Thank you: Sandra and Pat, for taking me to the hospital and the Gill Home to visit Eddie. I was able to have Sunday dinner with him many times. To Eric, for making sure I got to spend Christmas with Eddie, even in a snowstorm. Connie, for stopping one evening every week to visit Eddie and together sing the hymns he loved so well. Jonathan, for playing the piano for him. Cavendish Baptist Church and the Gill Home, for the wonderful surprise 70th wedding anniversary party. Laura, Helen, Joy, Lorie, and Connie, for making it possible for Eddie to stay at home as long as he did. Richard, for keeping our walks and driveways ready for any emergency. And for all of you who have helped in so many ways. There are too many of you to mention.

May God bless all of you.

Mildred G. Fitzgibbons

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