Fred D. Pollard, 2020

Fred D. Pollard
Fred D. Pollard, 2020. Photo provided

CAVENDISH, Vt. – Fred Don Pollard, the son of a general store proprietor in Vermont whose career as a business executive took him to Chicago, New York, and Europe, died May 15, 2020 in Northampton, Mass. at age 88. The cause was non-COVID pneumonia.

Fred grew up in Cavendish, Vt., the son of Bryant and Millie Pollard whose general store in Proctorsville was for decades a center of village life. He was a first cousin twice removed of President Calvin Coolidge.

After leaving Vermont for Dartmouth College where he earned a B.A. and an MBA, Fred ventured to Chicago where he took a job with the accounting firm Deloitte. He was then drafted into the Army and stationed at Fort Dix in New Jersey during the Korean War, after which he returned to Chicago and married Sandra Jean Norton, a nurse-in-training from Rockford, Ill. whom he had met in church. Fred worked in corporate finance for Hertz, Avis and Garcia in Paris, London, and metro NYC area.

With a business opportunity in New York’s North Country, they moved to Canton, N.Y., a town near the Canada border reminiscent of the pre-tourist Vermont of Fred’s youth.

Fred worked for the Augsbury Organization, a petroleum and shipping company. He later became a teacher and financial consultant. From 2000 to 2012, he was president of Ag Pro, Ltd. and traveled to China to secure the machinery to erect a soybean processing plant in Massena, N.Y.

Fred served was active with the First Presbyterian Church on the Park, the Masons, and Rotary Club. In 2017, Fred and Sandy left Canton for Massachusetts, where their son Mark and his wife Geri own a bakery-café, Bread Euphoria outside Northampton. His work life had many dramatic up and downs, but he always kept an even keel with his calmness, good-natured optimism, humor and insight.

In addition to Sandy, he is survived by Don and Lisa Pollard, and their children Amelia and Sawyer; Bruce and P.J Pollard and children Rowland, Redmond, Darby, and Meade; Mark and Geri Pollard and children Clarissa and Max; and his sister Vicki Wilson.

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