Windsor County brings in 594 pounds of unwanted medications

WINDSOR COUNTY, Vt. – On April 28, 2018, Windsor County Sheriff’s Department, in cooperation with local and state police, again participated in the DEA-led National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, resulting in 594 pounds of disposed medications collected throughout Windsor County for incineration.

“Take-Back” efforts began in 2012 as stand-alone disposal events occurring twice a year. Since then, many police departments and pharmacies across Windsor County, the state, and the nation have installed permanent drug collection units, assisting in medication returns year-round. The spring take back resulted in the most amount collected for Windsor County.

Windsor County Sherriff, Michael Chamberlain has been instrumental in keeping the take back efforts going. Normally, the sheriff’s department collects the disposed of medication and brings them to DEA officials to weigh. They are then taken for incineration by the DEA. Sherriff Chamberlain helps in arranging the collection and incineration of medications collected. “We want to encourage everyone to get rid of their medications, get it out of the house. The collection efforts help to keep dangerous medications out of the hands of people who struggle with substance use disorders,” he said.

Windsor County’s April 28 collection sites yielded the following quantities: Hartford PD, 155 pounds; Rochester Constable Office, 8 pounds; Royalton PD, 11 pounds; Weathersfield Transfer Station, 36 pounds; Chester PD, 49 pounds; Ludlow PD, 39 pounds; Norwich PD, 18 pounds; Woodstock PD, 60 pounds; Windsor PD, 102 pounds; and Springfield PD, 113 pounds. The state of Vermont collected a total of 6,007 pounds from 257 boxes.

Law enforcement officials, health care professionals, and Windsor County Prevention Partners encourage adults to lock their medications as they need them or to properly dispose of unused medications safely. For information on proper use, storage, and disposal of prescription medications, visit

Permanent medication drop boxes and ongoing collection and incineration efforts across Windsor County has been made possible by funding through the Windsor County Prevention Partners and the Vermont Regional Prevention Partnership grant. The WCPP is a partnership with law enforcement, prevention, and community partners to reduce underage drinking, binge drinking, and prescription drug abuse for the 12-25 aged population. For more information on substance abuse prevention efforts, visit

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