Window Dresser program to help weatherize eligible households

window dresser
The Window Dresser program will help Rockingham and Bellows Falls residents weatherize for winter. Photo provided

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Cold leaky windows in your house or apartment? Window inserts are a simple, effective way to weatherize your home. The Window Dresser program is new to Rockingham this year, offering up to 10 free window inserts per eligible household in the community. All households eligible for LIHEAP or other public assistance programs will qualify for free inserts.

If you are interested but do not qualify for free inserts, you can purchase them for a reasonable price. Both owners and renters are eligible for this program and Efficiency Vermont offers a rebate if you pay your electric bill and buy at least three inserts.

Window insulating inserts are a great option for homeowners and renters because they do not require any fasteners, so they can be easily slid into existing windows. According to the Window Dressers website, “Each insulating window insert is made of a custom-made pine frame wrapped in two layers of tightly sealed, clear polyolefin film and finished with a compressible foam gasket. The foam allows enough give for the inserts to be easily slid into place in the fall and removed in the spring, while holding firmly enough to provide a tight, friction-based seal that stops drafts and adds two more insulating air spaces between your home and your window.” Find out more at

We are making appointments now to have two volunteers come into your home (masked) to measure windows and collect payment. Inserts must be measured and paid for by Oct. 29. The build dates are Nov. 17-21, 2021 at the St. Charles Parish Hall, 25 Cherry St., in Bellows Falls.

Those who are interested in scheduling a volunteer to measure their windows, ordering window inserts, and participating in the build, or have questions may sign up by contacting Peter Bergstrom at 802-444-1860 or

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