Whiting Library hosts AARP Fraud Watch

CHESTER, Vt. – The Whiting Library, in cooperation with AARP Vermont’s Fraud Watch Network, will host a timely presentation, “Scams, Fraud and Con Artists: Coming to a Computer Near You,” at 117 Main Street, Chester, Vt., Saturday, March 23 at 11 a.m. The program will identify the current scams and tactics being used today and provide helpful tips on staying out of the grip of con artists. The program is free and is appropriate for all ages.

The presentation by Elliott Greenblott, AARP Vermont Fraud Watch Network coordinator, has been seen by hundreds of Vermonters over the past year. According to Greenblott, “Consumer fraud of every type is on the increase. From the imposters claiming to be IRS Agents to the computer tech support scams, to the bulk-mailed contests, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of attempts to defraud the public.”

The presentation provides clear examples of scams and concrete protection steps for all ages. “We are seeing scams perpetrated across the age spectrum. Even newborn infants are being targeted for identity theft via stolen Social Security numbers,” stated Greenblott. “Our program provides free information and resources including a national hotline to assist people who feel they may have become victims.”

Greenblott urges those who are concerned and want to do something to become active volunteers in the program to contact him by phone 413-219-9778 or email egreenblott@aarp.org. In addition he notes that any community group can contact him for a free presentation.

Contact Whiting Library at 802-875-2277 or whitinglibrary1@gmail.com.

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